globallounge are: ellen cosgrove & andy townsend: we take photo stories. this is a gallery of some of their work and projects still in progress.

globallounge original photography is part of an ongoing journey to record the life and cultures of people close and distant from our own.

the work taken by Ellen Cosgrove and Andy Townsend aims to connect us with these distant lives in their simplest forms. From wedding ceremonies, and temples of Southern India, the mountainous regions of Northern Philippines, the isolated tribal groups of Myanmar and the remote whaling villages of Eastern Indonesia, to journey’s in the cold waters of Antarctica, we have been travelling since late 2006.

on our journeys we  explore the details and qualities of indigenous peoples, and their day to day lives. In other places it has been an exploration of the surrounding lands and beliefs that influence these lives.

It is sometimes forgotten how we live in our world, and where we have come from. Life, death and belief systems that pervade our lives so familiarly can yet seem distant and easily lost in the modern world we live. Our journey has been to learn and reflect.